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What do I get?

The Google Ads Performance Grader gives you a fast, free, and easy-to-understand audit of your AdWords campaign, showing where and how to improve your PPC campaign in order to maximize profits.

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What's included?

You’ll receive a free assessment, including a final grade, on your Google Advertising performance. We’ll give you a detailed review of the following areas::

  1. Wasted Spend – Are you making proper use of negative keywords? Or are you wasting hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month on irrelevant keywords that never convert?
  2. Quality Score – Are your campaigns Google-approved? High Quality Scores have a major impact on your ROI, improving your rankings and lowering your costs.
  3. Impression Share – How often do your ads appear as a result of relevant search queries? Increased impression share can improve exposure and multiply your lead generation results.
  4. Click-Through Rate (CTR) – CTR is a measure of how targeted your ads are. If your CTR is low, you may be losing ground to competing advertisers.
  5. Account Activity – To maintain performance, you need to spend active time in your account. How often are you checking under the hood?
  6. Long-Tail Keyword Optimization – Are you utilizing longer, more targeted keywords in your campaigns? If not, you’re missing opportunities to grab high-intent, low-cost traffic.
  7. Ad Text Optimization – Are you writing enough text ads to get strong performance in terms of impressions, clicks, CTR and ad ranking?
  8. Landing Page Optimization – More landing pages usually means more targeted messaging. Do you have more or fewer landing pages than similar advertisers?
  9. Mobile Advertising – With mobile traffic growing at 200% each year, it’s crucial to stay on top of mobile PPC best practices like call extensions, sitelinks, and mobile-optimized text ads.
  10. PPC Best Practices – Are you adhering to the proven best practices that PPC experts follow to ensure optimal Google Ads (AdWords) performance?


You’ll learn how well you’re really doing in each of these important areas, as well as how you could improve your performance, driving more leads and sales at lower costs.

Any and all of these are great reasons to use the Google Ads Performance Grader to get a free, instant report on your account and see how your PPC metrics stack up against best practices.


“Give it [AdWords Performance Grader] a try. (It’s free—why not?) I’m willing to bet you will learn something you can use—either to improve a campaign or to reduce the amount of money you’re wasting. Either way, you win.”
    – Jeff Haden of BNet

“The areas that this new tool focuses on can have a profound effect on your account’s overall performance. I would recommend you give it a try to see how you compare.”
    – Chad Summerhill, writer of PPC Prospector blog

“I’m impressed with the results… I think [the AdWords Grader] is a valuable addition to any competitive analysis of PPC.”
    – PPC Without Pity

“…the AdWords Grader tool gives a great overview of general account performance and areas of possible improvement, and is definitely worth checking out!”
    – Jessica Niver of PPC Hero

“This [Adwords Grader] tool is easy to use and provides the same kind of account analysis you might get from a consultant or agency. It gives you actionable insights. What’s not to like?”
    – Claudia Bruemmer of Top Ten Wholesale

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